Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Radio Personalty Jim Fried & CCIM

Coral Gables, Florida - Anacapri Restaurant
September 5, 2014

Jim Fried of the radio talk shows Fried On Business spoke to the CCIM Miami Chapter in September about his show.   His show if directed to the small business community of South Florida.

There is a "broad spectrum of people" that listen to the show all having some connection to South Florida and business. He has had guests on form the University of Miami to the University of Florida and their Center for Real Estate Studies.  See this link for a list of guests.

Recently, Bruce Turkell of Turkel Branks, a local marketing expert was on the show.

Jim is interested in guests that have something interesting to offer, but have fun at the same time.  He is looking to "create content" with a "professional message" for the business community.  The show allows guests to reach other business professionals and is promoting "build our businesses together". He promotes sharing of ideas and concepts.

He is on air each Thursday at 5:00 P.M. / 880 "the biz" AM (radio).

CCIM Miami will be broadcasting 30 second commercials once per month on the show to promote our designation and attract Realtors that want to get into the commercial real estate field.

Radio Host Jim Fried
Jim Speaks to CCIM's
Jim Fried in action

CCIM Miami Team Runs in MCH5K

Coral Gables - On 09/20/2014 Miami CCIM participated in the Miami Children's Hospital 5K held in Coral Gables, FL.

MCH 5K Finishing Medal
The 5K race had many corporate teams supporting the MCH, and the race course was a 3.1 mile loop around the Coral Gables Country Club Golf Course.  It began and ended at city hall, and all the team tents were set up in this area.

Link to MCH5K Page.  

On twitter view tweets using the #MCH5K hashtag.

The run is one of the best events in Miami. Not only is it a great 5K coruse, but also, there was a lot going on afterward with prizes, tents, giveaways, and plenty of food and drinks.

CCIM Miami is proud to have raised money for this great hospital and plan to support Miami Children's Hospital in 2015.