Thursday, October 6, 2016

Xceligent – Welcome to Miami

August 9th - Coral Gables

The CCIM Miami-Dade-Monroe District hosted its monthly meeting at Morton’s Steakhouse in Coral Gables.

The topic was the commercial real estate company Xceligent, and its emergence into the Miami-Dade market.  Xceligent is a leading provider of proactively researched and verified commercial real estate property and listing information.

Wayne D’Amico, CCIM speaks to Miami CCIMsWayne is a Past President of the CCIM Institute

Two presentations were made. The first by Danny Rice, the Regional VP of Sales for the Florida market; the second by Wayne D’Amico, the Executive Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategic Relations. Also in attendance were Francisco Jaramillo and Ana Isabel Besu, Directors of Client Services and Sales, and Peter Morris, Director of Analytics.

Xceligent is a leading provider of commercial real estate information across the United States. Their research team pro-actively collects:
  • Comprehensive inventory of commercial properties
  • Buildings available for lease and sale
  • Tenant information
  • Sales and lease comparables
  • Historical market analytics on vacancy, absorption and lease rates

Danny Rice, Regional VP - Exceligent
This invaluable information assists real estate professionals, appraisers, owners, investors, banks and developers that make strategic commercial real estate decisions. 

One of the main questions posed was: How does Exceligent differentiate itself from Costar.  The response included: 
  • Analytics: Results in industry endorsed market analytics
  • Certification: Provides a level of transparency and detail unseen before such as future vacancy and future occupancy.
  • Move-in / Move-out: Secures the most accurate source of tenant move-in and move-out data.
  • Data Strategies: Work with brokerage companies to establish the most efficient flow of information.

Xceligent, a leading provider of commercial real estate information, makes a powerful entrance into the Miami market as the sole challenger to Co-Star.

Carlos Rodriguez Jr. // KW Commercial

Saturday, October 1, 2016

FIU / Networking event / FIU Hollo School & CCIM / A Success!

September 28, Miami, FL - 85 Students attended a Real Estate Trade Organization Professionals networking event at FIU's Business School. 

This event was coordinated by FIU / Hollo School and REAAC, the alumnus association

It was sponsored by The Jerome Bain Institute and RESA.

This was primarily for students who are going through the FIU real estate program.  They met various Realtors, and other professionals in the real estate business who explained the benefits of their respective professional designations to the students.  

CCIM had its own table in the large meeting hall.  The format was round tables with the students moving from table to table every 15 minutes in groups to hear about each group in a "speed dating" format.  It worked great and there are many students interested in attending the CCIM Monthly Meetings and joining the Miami-Dade District.  In addition to the real estate majors, there are other students majoring in finance, management and/or accounting and grad school students also attended. 

It was a great event for FIU Hollo School of Real Estate, CCIM Miami-Dade and related real estate professional organizations.

FIU Hollo School of Real Estate / Speakers at Networking Event

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Britt J. Rosen Appears on 880 TheBiz AM Radio Promoting CCIM

Listen to Britt's interview on 880 The Biz w Jim Fried 

Britt J. Rosen CCIM, the Miami-Dade District President, appeared on Fried on Business at 6PM on 880AM, a regular Thursday radio show located in Miami, FL.

CCIM Miami-Dade & 880 TheBiz have a partnership that promotes CCIM at the same time invites the public and other commercial real estate practitioners to join us for the many events we have throughout the year.

Monthly meetings are held at Morton's Steakhouse in Coral Gables at noon.  There are also networking events and in January is the annual Outlook Conference at the Coral Gables Country Club.

The Miami Children's Hospital 5K on September 17th.

The next chapter meeting is September 9th at Mortons.

Click here to for the event calendar for more info.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

CCIM Meeting / John Dohm, CCIM, SIOR & John Guitar of All Aboard Florida

On the 8th of July 2016, the CCIM Miami-Dade-Monroe District hosted its monthly meeting at Morton’s Steakhouse in Coral Gables.

There were two key presentations: The first was by John Dohm, CCIM, SIOR, of Infinity Commercial Real Estate who is a highly-respected commercial broker nationwide. Dohm is a past regional director of SIOR and CCIM chapter president, past president of the Realtor's Commercial Alliance, and is currently Chairman of the Board of the Miami Association of Realtors.

The second was by John Guitar of All Aboard Florida Guitar is the Senior Vice President of Business Development for All Aboard Florida. He is responsible for the development and leasing activities for the stations and transit oriented development in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.

“The only thing Miami cannot mess up is geography” – John Dohm

Dohm gave a comprehensive presentation entitled, “Ready for Globalization: South Florida’s Infrastructure and the Expanded Panama Canal.” He detailed the contributing factors that make Miami unique.

Immigration: According to the U.S Census Bureau, in 2013 there were 1.3 million people living in Miami-Dade County who were born outside of the United States. 1.2 million were from Latin America.

International Real Estate Sales: 50% of all International sales in the entire state of Florida are from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

Population Growth: From 2010 to 2015, the Miami-Dade county population grew from 2,496,435 to 2,693,117 representing a 7.88% increase.

Tourism: In 2014, the total overnight visitors to Miami-Dade was 14,563,200. In 2015, the total grew to 15,496,300, for an increase of 6.4%.

Infrastructure: South Florida has invested billions of dollars in key global infrastructure. There are the two international airports: Miami International and Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International. And there are the two international seaports: Port Everglades and Port Miami.

Miami International Airport: In 2015 there were 44.3 million passengers.

PortMiami: In 2015, PortMiami posted an increase of 15% in containerized cargo movements. 
PortMiami is the closest U.S. port to the Panama Canal.

Train Transportation. All Aboard Florida is developing Brightline, an express, intercity train service arriving 2017. It will connect the tri-county area of Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm bringing a total of 4 million square feet of new transit oriented development around the South Florida stations.

And what does this all mean for the commercial real estate world? In London, the number of square meters $1 million USD can buy of prime residential real estate is 22. In New York, it is 27. As Miami becomes a more globalized city, its prices will become more “globalized” as well.

Carlos Rodriguez Jr. // KW Commercial

CCM Sponsor / Jay Pelham, President, TotalBank

Friday, June 24, 2016

CCIM Miami-Dade-Monroe District Monthly Luncheon / Tom Dixon

On the 10th of June 2016, it was back to Morton’s Steakhouse in Coral Gables for the CCIM Miami-Dade-Monroe District monthly luncheon.

Tom Dixon Addresses CCIM's
For the third consecutive month there was a sold-out crowd that included CCIM designees, CCIM candidates, lawyers, investors, sponsors, and many guests. The special talk of the day was on the Art of Negotiation by Tom Dixon, from Dixon Commercial Real Estate. He has been a resident of Miami for more than 40 years. His career began as an appraiser and transitioned into commercial brokerage and tax assessment. He is a past President of MAR (Miami Association of Realtors) and on the CIASF Board of Directors.

“The more the back and forth the stronger it is.”
 Tom Dixon

The first stage of negotiation is “Preparation”, where one must know the difference between position and interest.  A position is a specific solution that is not flexible. An interest is a desire that may be satisfied in several ways.

Mr. Dixon gave the example of an orange. Imagine two buyers who are looking for an orange. They both need an orange, which is their position. Unfortunately, there is only one orange, so one party wins and the other party loses.

Not so fast. What if we were to probe for the hidden reason, their interest, for their respective position? The first buyer needs an orange because her grandfather is sick and wants to make him orange juice; the second buyer needs an orange because the zest will give flavor to his cooking; their position is the same, both need an orange, but their interest is different. Hence, a creative approach to negotiation can actually produce a win/win situation.

Mr. Dixon went on to name some famous gambits of negotiation:
  •  The Flinch: “You are asking for how much?”
  •  Good Guy/ Bad Guy: “I would like to but they won’t approve.”
  •  The Krunch: “But can’t you do better?”
  •  The Bogey: “But this is all I got?”

The second stage of negotiation is “Action”. The strategy here is to have the other side make the first offer. Start with a high goal because the higher you aim the better you will come out. Also, remember the three F’s to avoid disagreement:

1.      Feel: I know how you feel…
2.      Felt: Others have felt the same…
3.      Found: I have found that…

The final stage of negotiation is “Agreement”. In this stage one must have an agreement in mind and be willing to walk away and walk back. If a deadlock is reached, one should seek common ground on a personal level and offer minor concessions; but don’t make a concession without getting something in return.

“When you give people what they want, they’ll give you what you want.”
Dr. Chester L. Karrass

Carlos Rodriguez Jr.
CCIM Candidate and Miami Dade-Monroe Blogger / KW Commercial


CCIM Sponsors:

CCIM's at Morton's Steakhouse / Coral Gables

Sandra Goldstein, CCIM Introduces Speaker Jose Fernandez

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Attorney Jeffrey Feiler speaking on “The Green Effect: Legalization of Marijuana and the Commercial Real Estate Industry”

CCIM Miami-Dade District – May 2016 / Monthly Meeting / Morton’s Steakhouse

On the 13th of May 2016, The CCIM Miami-Dade-Monroe district hosted its monthly luncheon at Morton’s Steakhouse (2333 Ponce De Leon Blvd), in Coral Gables.

Attorney Jeffrey Feiler
For the second straight month, a sold-out crowd of 60 people including CCIM designees, CCIM candidates, lawyers, investors, mortgage brokers, and many guests were in attendance.  The special guest was criminal trial attorney, Jeffrey Feiler of the Feiler Law Firm, one of the foremost experts on the legalization of medical marijuana.

Mr. Feiler witnessed firsthand the complete development of this process during the legalization of medical marijuana in Colorado in 2010 and played a critical role in providing legal advice. Feiler’s involvement dates back to 2009 with the state of Colorado.

According to federal law, medical and recreational marijuana are illegal. However, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) advised United States Attorneys not to prosecute individuals and businesses operating in compliance with state laws in those states with strong enforcement of their laws; furthermore, the memorandums addressed approximately eight activities that will not be tolerated by the federal government. For example, the sale to minors is prohibited. In other words, the legalization of marijuana has mostly become a state issue.

CCIM Miami-Dade District
In 2016, Florida finds itself in a similar position to Colorado. It is becoming clear that the medical use of marijuana will be a specific industry. In addition, this industry encompasses many fields such as medicine, law, economics, ancillary businesses and of course commercial real estate. From a commercial real estate perspective, there are many concerns.

Topics included:
  • Ventilation: Installing proper ventilation in order to control humidity
  • Electricity: Proper installation of electrical systems and cost of electricity
  • Warehouse Storage: The smallest size is about 7000 square feet and the largest is 40,000 square feet
  • Locality: Where will indoor and outdoor facilities be allowed? Problem with neighboring businesses
  • Water System: The methodology of growing marijuana, from purely organic hand watered to more commercialized irrigation systems
  • Hard equity, private lenders involvement in transactions due to it being a "cash business"
  • Triple Net: In Colorado it is a seller’s market thus triple net leases are standard
  • Taxes: The medical and recreational product of marijuana in Colorado are the same, the only difference is taxes. Recreational use is taxed higher, at around 20%.
  • Retail: There is the industrial warehouse space but there is also the retail storefront. These marijuana stores are known as “Dispensaries”. Where will these dispensaries be permitted?
  • Entrepreneurs: Currently the big pharmaceutical companies have not entered the race, which has left the arena opened to entrepreneurs
  • Regulation: How does one treat marijuana? Should it be viewed like alcohol?  

On November 2016, the Medical Marijuana Amendment, known as Amendment 2 will be on the presidential ballot.

Now it is Floridian’s time to decide.

Carlos Rodriguez Jr.
CCIM Candidate and Miami Dade-Monroe Blogger / KW Commercial