Saturday, October 1, 2016

FIU / Networking event / FIU Hollo School & CCIM / A Success!

September 28, Miami, FL - 85 Students attended a Real Estate Trade Organization Professionals networking event at FIU's Business School. 

This event was coordinated by FIU / Hollo School and REAAC, the alumnus association

It was sponsored by The Jerome Bain Institute and RESA.

This was primarily for students who are going through the FIU real estate program.  They met various Realtors, and other professionals in the real estate business who explained the benefits of their respective professional designations to the students.  

CCIM had its own table in the large meeting hall.  The format was round tables with the students moving from table to table every 15 minutes in groups to hear about each group in a "speed dating" format.  It worked great and there are many students interested in attending the CCIM Monthly Meetings and joining the Miami-Dade District.  In addition to the real estate majors, there are other students majoring in finance, management and/or accounting and grad school students also attended. 

It was a great event for FIU Hollo School of Real Estate, CCIM Miami-Dade and related real estate professional organizations.

FIU Hollo School of Real Estate / Speakers at Networking Event

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